Noragami Episode 6: A creepy person

And now the sixth chapter of Noragami, which since then has become one of my favorite television series of the first quarter of the year and is getting more interesting every day, with quite a few differences between the manga and anime, one of is especially the scenes and explains otherwise Bishamonten hatred towards Yato.

Yukine continue the arc is titled “A Chilling person.” The changes are enough, in the manga chapter where Yukine was sleeping with Hiyori and Bishamonten appears, is still not the subject of theft happens when Yato says in the manga Hiroyi gods can do whatever they want, even block the Treasure life and live a holy people.

Noragami Episode 5

Yukine leaves home Hiyori because she can not accept the fact of what happened to the little girl left to be possessed by evil. Yato blame for forcing the girl to cut. At the mall skateboarding steals, Hiyori goes in their quest to keep thinking Kofuku words. Yato is Yukine first asks if the scooter has been stolen, Hiyori is forced to say that she bought.

noragami episodio 6 una persona terrorifica mentiras

Bishamonten Goddess ( also call him by the name Veena by Vaisravana ) the iniquity, Yato seeking revenge for what he did in the past, Yato Hiyori asks him not to move and ignore him, because otherwise appears so she will notice that you can see.

noragami episodio 6 una persona bishamonten

Yato tries to escape, discovers Yukine Bishamonten is adorned with sacred treasures from his clothes, lion and weapons. She is a goddess of war at the highest level, who will not hesitate to kill Yukine by being next to Yato.

noragami episodio 6 una bishamonten

The reason is that he killed his Sacred Treasure, which Yukine unknown, gives a shot in the face due to distraction and Yukine state.

noragami episodio 6

Hiyori asks for help to Kofuku and Daikoku, because Yato had told him that in case of extreme necessity come to his call. Because its essence can ols she guides them to fight where both gods.

noragami episodio 6 ayuda

Yato Yukine asks why that would destroy life Bishamonten Sacred Treasure, he replies that he did want, Yukine think Yato discard it because he already has the Wanderer. Yato suffers more from bad thoughts Yukine.

noragami episodio 6 enojo

Bishamonten Yato appears to end this dispute that will destroy the life of the trees only to capture him, she says it is justified because it must end the evil, then Yato will question the very fact of his revenge, using the pretext of punishing the to commit acts equally execrable, that makes it infuriating.

noragami episodio 6 enojo 2

Kofuku arrives with others to separate, the result is that it opens a vent by the evil spirits out, bringing misfortune and bad luck. Kuraha, lion bites Bishamonten Yato neck. The wandering appears and uses a strange power prevented from moving, allowing it hurts Yato ( The Wanderer Yato is hidden and does not see ).

noragami episodio 6 kuraha

Kazuma prevents his wife continue pretending to be contaminated, Yato tells Hiyori that he should not bring Kofuku therefore did not refer to that specific time, and not expected to appear also tells him to go to Bishamonten not recognize.

noragami episodio 6 kuzama

Bishamonten tells him to forgive life for that time, but did not make himself more impure, realizing the neck wound of God. Kazuma and out of sight of his teacher, says goodbye with a flourish.

noragami episodio 6 impuro

Yato sick and wounded still persists, the Wanderer appears to tell her that she can use him anytime, hinting that it is time to replace Yukine.

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I like the character Bishamonten partly because it is far more complex than the same Hiyori to carry out part of the role on his shoulders, lacks the dramatic weight Bishamonten Yato and share.

What I think is that Kazuma, the sacred Treasury Veena, is indebted to Yato because the Sacred Treasure Veena who lost, was evil in some way and Yato loaded guilt. For me it is determined that the event Yato change its character.

The ratio of the Wanderer and Yato is strange, I think it’s his sister, but is the problem that Yato was not a person but a god who came by the will of the people, the opposite of the Wanderer, a human spirit from the start. So both brothers may be in a different what we believe so.

Yato in the manga blurts Yukine the Wanderer that is the sacred treasure he found and named itself, insinuating that it was either before the Wanderer, this had other masters, this was removed from the anime, but may appear in the next episode. There is a picture of the manga where we see two people dressed in Kimono, a boy and a girl running holding hands that Yato brings to his memory, both are of similar heights, which made me believe that Yato and Wanderer were dating, although this does not seem likely.

Changes in this episode are obvious, the most important are ; Yukine makes you Kuraha wound itself as a sword, defending Yato, argues that this is done automatically, second ; the Wanderer helping Yato never participates in the manga, but here the ratio of the two is very close ( in episode 1, he is considering calling him, but says he is busy), something to note is that while she speaks as a Yato girl and others, saying their enchantment of puppet master, he does so as an adult.

The story in the manga did think Bishamonten Yato and were romantically linked, but in the anime we want to avoid making this interpretation Veena has a clearly higher than in age Yato, I like the clarification, but no Hiyori and Yato make any sense, because the two never see anything beyond platonic one way.


Noragami Episode 5: Limit

We got to episode 5 which perhaps reflects one of the roughest times of the manga progresses and as the question of the sins of Yukine, who for some reason are brushed, unlike the manga where almost immediately acts up.

For me it is one of my two favorite anime series of 2014 ( the second is NOT Kill the Kill), although it is still early to make that claim.


Yato teaches Yukine to cap a kind of barrier between him and ghosts, which is one of the unique abilities of a Sacred Treasure, something that even a god can do, Yukine seems to be a very special person, but this reminds his strange encounter with herrante.

noragami episode 5 bordeline frontera

Hiyori in a jealous rage, after the herrante Yato defined as a ” friend with benefits”, decides to take him Yukine ignoring the fact that Yato is a god and sees it as a bad influence Yukine, this will says the guy has bad thoughts and it will not bring anything good.

noragami episode 5 bordeline yukine

At the end of the day, Hiyori gets his way but is visited by Yato who also steal a lot of food, warns that Yukine is endangered in a place, as in the cold temple where he sleeps, is protected from spiritual forces that lurk, revealing that Yukine afraid of the dark.

noragami episode 5 bordeline yato

Hiyori sleep, receiving a visit from Yukine, who has been with the lights out, Hiyori decide to sleep with her, Yukine tries to touch her ​​breasts, but is stopped by Yato stabbing feeling in his back.

noragami episode 5 bordeline hiyori yukine

Yukine is jealous of the relationship with herrante Yato, leaving only Yato. We see the goddess Bishamonten attacking spirits.

noragami episode 5 bordeline Bishamon

The next day, Hiyori prevents Yukine a skateboard without pay takes, saying that is not unlike hurtarla and it disappears, Yato also feels the same and assists you in your search. He does not feel well because is steady Yukine do bad things and hit directly, the sacred treasures were these people and are tempted to sin.

noragami episode 5 robo

Warns Hiyori eventually Yukine will have to punish them for their sins, whereas God was not limited by their actions. Hiyori recalls the goddess Kofuku, that in his past life Yato removed and people once did with Sacred Treasure said.

noragami episode 5 castigo divino

Yukine at night is a small spirit while running back to the house Hiyori, who recently died in a car accident. Hiyori looks she told her mother to come at 6 pm.

noragami episode 5 crueldad

In their cruelty and lack of tact by the suffering of others Yukine tells the girl that no one will come. The girl is possessed by the ghosts, Hiyori ecncuentra them Yukine makes a limit and avoid passing the spectra, but it is too late, she is possessed.

noragami episode 5 conversion fantasma

Yato will have to destroy the spirit, to be possessed because it is like living in a constant hell. The only way to free your soul is destroying him.

noragami episode 5 culpa

Wrapped in guilt, Yukine short the spirit of the girl, it hits directly Yato can not hold the sword, we see again Bishamonten, who takes a bath, someone tells you that Yayo was seen fighting spirit and a new sword.

noragami episode 5 culpa


A good episode, but not too much space to explain specifically show Yukine steal, the guy will be punished for his actions by selfishness leads him down a dangerous path to Yato and himself.

He hoped that more time be devoted to Bishamonten, which is one of the main characters in the second story arc, fortunately in the next episode appears in all its splendor.

One thing that might be curious, is the reason for the mask Nora until episode 4 had not realized that the guy was Yato Kimono, Yato is it responsible for the death of Nora?

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Noragmi Yukine cosplay costume

Noragami Episode 4: Where lies the happiness

In this episode Nora comes into play, one of the most important characters in the manga, but there is a confusion in the use of the name Nora, it should be simply called The Wanderer. If you have read the manga and watch the anime, you will discover the great mystery, not yet revealed, the intentions of The Wanderer by pure logic.

Also we meet Kofuko, Yato alleged girlfriend, who lends money, it seems to have come out of one of your future customers.

Noragami Episode 3

Hiyori Yato rushes to not let the Yukine poverty and fulfill its part of the deal, to give back to normal, but this leaves everything to chance what angers them, speaking of Yukine, Yato think you should take them to meet a person being due in part to the manner in which it behaves Yukine.

noragami episodio 4

Kofuku know a god who is supposed to represent good fortune, Yato said to be his girlfriend leaving Hiyori cold, but it’s a playful girl, who has a very protective divine treasure called Daikoku, initially confused with its husband.

noragami episodio 4 novia kokufu 2

Go to his house to talk a little about what Yato and Yukine reviewer of his work, which seems to hate the guy, while Hiyori not reveal whose taste Yato. But despite what seems reckless, Kofuku ne tells them that he is actually a very fearsome god and that his past can be very different from the person they know now.

noragami episodio 4 kokufu

Yato then attends call emergency is carried Yukine and Hiyori, a type attempts suicide after becoming unemployed and bankrupt company, as also madly in love with a girl who embarrasses you see its current state of poverty.

noragami episodio 4 dios del infortunio

It is where we discover that the mysterious girl is none other than Kofuku, who is the goddess of poverty, as a result, that boy is surrounded by misfortune. Yato cut the tie that binds both by Yukine.

noragami episodio 4 dios del infortunio 2

Kofuku had run away from home because of the nagging Daikoku, who does it for the disaster she spreads wherever she goes, but Daikoku is surprised ability Yukine to break the bonds between people, a rare skill between divine treasures.

noragami episodio 4 rompiendo lazos

Hiyori asks Kofuku about those rumors about Yato, because he thinks it’s a joke. She tells him that everything is true and that in the past Yato killed a sacred treasure. Daikoku throws a piece of bread to Kofuku who intentionally fun with that story, but his sacred treasure says that is the past, when Yato born as a dark god, people could easily forget him unlike traditional gods that they pray and values ​​.

noragami episodio 4 dios de la guerra

Yato, to avoid being forgotten, any wish granted terrible as this was, was a yield that even killing people. Yato appears behind Hiyori, saying that if anything happened to him, those two would be the people to whom they should turn. Hiyori can not stop thinking about how nice it smells Yato.

noragami episodio 4 soporte

A girl in traditional clothes appears before Yukine, saying he has pretty eyes, Yato called Wanderer ( Nora ), she does not like that name and asks Yato the call with the name you gave, that is waiting the day that happens, disappearing.

noragami episodio 4 nora

It’s another great episode that adapts wonderfully to the characters of manga, Kofuku is as described in the manga, not yet arrived at the point where Yukine starts stealing and do dangerous things for Yato, which was therefore necessary Yato part of the problem is that Yukine knows that is not completely good and has a lot of darkness in his heart, what makes Kofuku and Daikoku are very important in the future of both.

I quite like the story, but I think if both are, the anime and manga, you can discover the intentions of Nora.

On the other hand most romantic elements Hiyori and Yato, where she smells the scent of sweat from his beloved as a beautiful fragrance… typical.

Prediction – Spoilers
Nora is someone who is very attached to Yato and evil as God nature may Yato has left him because of that she refused to leave their name, becoming a wandering, or rather, it was a wanderer from the beginning, offering their services to Yato.

When you kill the sacred treasure of God Bishamon, that makes Yato changed their character, as happens Bishamon who appear in the next episode, crying for vengeance, as this is a god dedicated to punish evil.

Yukine also have an important role in all this, since it seems to be the main antagonist of Yato, Kugaha, seek to Yukine for its ability to break bonds between people, gods and sacred treasures.

So the reason that Nora comes together another sacred treasure, is to make their gods return to their primary form.

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Noragami Episode 3: Invitation to Disaster review

I would start by pointing out that the reason Noragami look like a copy of the Bleach series , which is not true or anything like the same series has already been sued for plagiarism, especially in countries like Japan, where the fight regarding Copyright that somewhat exaggerated .

So first I will say that Bleach is not anywhere near the original series in terms of the concepts of the spirits or Shinigami, the idea of ​​a spirit that transform into weapons and items to serve God comes from the Japanese Buddhist religion , specifically Buddha and the ratio of Sun Wukong , who was among the powers become either a pipe or an elaborate sword. In Noragami this idea does not change much and the gods use their assistants in the same manner as in the Buddhist tradition more rigid .
About this episode things are moving very fast and we have to Nora at the end of the episode.

Noragami Episode 2

Yato and speaks to Hiyori with Yukine will eat hat with money from the naive girl , knowing a little change about the spiritual world and its inhabitants that go unnoticed.

noragami bidden calamite 1

Yukine is a guy with very worldly interests and sacred treasure Yato commits a sin to look at Hiyori , this tells you that the sacred treasure and his teacher are connected and when it commits a sin becomes much pain that surprised Hiyori .

noragami bidden calamite episodio 3

Hiyori that leaves your body sticks to Yato without your permission , who is summoned by Sugawara no Michizabe , Kami of wisdom, Yukine and Hiyori worship him , this tells Yukine should not bow down to him because it is a disgrace to pay worship any god in the presence of God that is to your business .

noragami bidden calamite episodio 3 sugawara no michizabe

Due to the time of examinations, can not attend Michizabe removing ghosts that haunt their territories , asking to be responsible Yato , where we see the great rivalry of both.

noragami episodio 3

Tomone , former Yato sacred treasure , now Michizabe pipe , assuming the name of Mayu . Their relationship is very strong , she dislikes Yato by smell of sweat, but becomes pipe smoking Michizabe who think they are both ex – partner.

noragami episodio 3 tomone pipa

Michizabe as , shows Hoyori , which is concerned with the subject of ghosts , you do not like partly her presence in his kingdom. Mayu leads them to where the train , where students commit suicide . Yato not seem interested in saving , because those people are already possessed by spirits and if they do, can not become sacred treasures , but ghosts.

noragami episodio 3 tren

Hiyori gets mad and will fight on their own spirits , but those attracted to it , they know it’s half a spirit and pull the rails.

noragami episodio 3 hiyori

Yato saves and goes against these spirits , cutting them in two with Yukine , Mayu thanks him and leaves. Hiyori reflects the contempt Yato suicide is that the sacred treasures want to live and get upset by people who waste their lives in vain.

noragami episodio 3 corte

Hiyori now understands the feelings of Yato , begins to mourn are worth . Yukine have sinful thoughts and Yato has a pain for them.

noragami episodio 3 hiyori

In the background we see a small looking Yato while Yukine Yayo and sleep in a temple of Michizabe .

noragami episodio 3 nora

Excellent episode I must say , I did not expect a return to the mediocrity of the second episode and the new has not disappointed , again today we see an excellent command of narrative and guionística compressing a very long manga, but some parts are smoothed relative to the sleeve.

One of the things I believe are wrong is when Yukine sees Hiyori , that should not be a sin and manga moments are more specific , such as when Yukine steals or tries to touch the breasts of Hiyori , when Yato reveals him the difference between a god and a treasure , which leads to some of the mystery behind Yato and the reason for that is a wandering god , when he himself has defined as the god of war , which could be the cause of his situation.

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Noragami Episode 2: As snow review and critique of the animated series

We got to the second episode of Noragami , I should say two thirds were a disappointment significantly dropping the quality of the animation is only shown in the final five or seven minutes of the episode , do not know why why it is a horrible feeling for the viewer that looks like a fool … Oh , look at bobo , stung , but hey, the final minutes are recomposed .

This episode is a bit slow and almost nothing happens, but in the end appears Yukine , one of the protagonists of the drama and main engines of the first arc of the story.
As of now , many reviews are short summaries on the part of the plot .

Noragami Episode 1

Hiyori learns to deal with his new form of spirit medium , which is as optimistic , sleeps in class and see the ghosts that haunt the people concerned , the end of the day she enjoys what is offered by both worlds.

noragami epsodio 2 Hiyori

Call Yato to address the issue of his contract , who really has no idea how to help her , while trying to do more publicity she wonders if Yato is a true god , she makes him see that it is God who saw a suspect as too poor fellow .

noragami epsodio 2 Yato

Yato warns that state care, because the ghosts hovering and could easily be owned by them and that his soul was lost forever. She then asks the cure , but this makes excuses.

noragami epsodio 2 yukine

Anyway , he said that without his sacred treasure or divine weapon , you can not do much, engaging in small things like fixing bathrooms. So Hiyori begins to find a divine weapon on their own, what you find is a giant spirit that wants to end both.

noragami epsodio 2 yukine regalia

Yoko prevents accidental Hiyori is bitten , being infected by a plague or pollution in one arm , it slowly expands its body.

noragami epsodio 2 yukine plaga

Luckily Yoko see the pure spirit of a boy who gives the name of Yuki , making a contract that makes him a sword , defeating the spirit.

noragami epsodio 2 yukine espada

Yoko falls to the ground , crying over the memories of the spirit that takes in hand . Hiyori not understand why we do it, with water removes the corruption of spirit.

noragami epsodio 2  llorar

The weapon is retransformed into a person named Yukine who refuses to receive the new owner sweatshirt which leaves Petrified Yoko.

noragami epsodio 2  yukine

Not the best episode, the start is fair to poor , parts of the manga were changed , especially the scene when Hiyori runs and passes , the rest of the episode compresses a longer period of time, but without substance , however at the end the quality of the animation and drawing rises.

The history of Yukine is pretty important, so I will not say much about it, but it’s part of the genius of the first arc , while Nora is part of the second arc in the manga just ended bow Yukine , so you may Nora not see until near the end.

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Noragami Episode 1- A house cat, a god and a tail wandering

The street Noragami or god (ノラガミ) is an animated series about gods and spirits, based on the manga by Adachi Toka and directed by Kotaro Tamura, in his first job as such, but has had experience as a director and screenwriter unique series episodes as Zero no Tsukaima, is one of those works of manga they should have a full series of 25 chapters and not as horrendous series Coppelion that adapting scene by scene, not explain anything.

Noragami in an episode leaves you with goose bumps, not only by history, humor and good story development, but by the fact that characters of this kind to kindly draw the viewer as they do.
This anime is about supernatural issues and a minor god named Yato, struggling to climb the ladder of the gods, but it’s so minor deity, who works for a five yen looking for a day buy his own temple.
This series will review the manga because it is based is pretty good, I wanted to avoid reading, worse after Coppelion crappy, better to be safe this time.

We find the high school student Iki Hiyori, who in what appears to be a runover, saves the life of a young man who at the time looking for a small cat, but the boy more than concerned about that, he points to where the bus is looking at his own body aided by her classmates.

noragami episode 1 accident

Hiyori leaves his body and sees herself on the floor, the mysterious guy is amazed with the ability she has to face him.

noragami episode 1 yato

It is taken to a hospital that belongs to your family, not understanding what happened to the guy who saved, though his friends tell him there was nobody and she jumped in front of the bus.

noragami episode 1 Hiyori

At night in his hospital bed the same guy appears, looking at the reaction believed to be in perfect condition, thinking he ‘s a pervert tries to call the police, tries to convince him that he really is a god named Yoko which has ever heard.

noragami episode 1 hospital

That system seems to hurt feelings, he says that although a poor and wandering god, it saves to have their own temple and a broad base of supporters.

noragami episode 1 Hiyori

Yoko says you can not be free at night without a sacred treasure, as he defines a sacred weapon of the gods to fight spirits, says goodbye to her and jumps out the window.

noragami episode 1 cat

Days pass and everything seems like a dream, except for the fact that Iki knows it is not and starts looking cat she remembers looking Yoko.

noragami episode 1yato and hiyori

Meanwhile Yoko looking cat very close by, which makes, but realizes that little is followed by a spirit that seeks to devour, pursued by this, he finds an even bigger spirit shaped toad, Hiyori will again with his kick save learned from his favorite TV character.

noragami episode 1 leave body

Hiyori does not realize, but has a tail, his physical body lying in a sleeping state, she faints to return to his body.

noragami episode 1 Yukine

Uesama, the little cat is returned to its owner in the manga we see the contract with a 5 yen coin to find it does.

noragami episode 1 popularidad

When Yoko tells Hoyori his condition is similar to that of a ghost, in which his soul leave his body repeatedly and involuntarily, she gets scared and asks for your help, but this god asks five major yen as offering, so by this payment, Yato promises to help you eliminate your condition means spirit.

noragami episode yato

One of the important things in this animation is the way a good director and screenwriter intelligently compresses four manga volumes, each chapter with average 50-60 pages. The characters are great and the relationships of these well built.

The only downside of all this is the question of romance, is the point that seems unnecessary because it forces the main character to be tied to an established relationship that never go out of platonic, while the secondary characters seem more interesting in that regard, especially its relationship with the wandering Nora ( Nora itself means wanderer ), to say that God wandering ( Nora + gami ) same manga’s title reflects the condition of God Yato.

There are noticeable changes, including the fact the mention of Nora in the first episode, Yato who says he is in the hands of another owner, as if considering invoke. Yato and Nora share a dark past, but do not get ahead…

Humor is another remarkable aspect, partly because it is more discreet and held without overlapping the plot as the manga becomes darker and darker, especially when Hiyori discovers Yato is a god who is reputed to have destroyed a Treasure sacred, by which one of the goddesses chases him mercilessly and suffering because his new sword is the soul of a liar and sinner.

What is the only negative… already seen similar things many times, let’s not forget that series as Sankarea may after a fantastic first episode, everything is mediocrity in the next to come. Ever since, Noragami will bring cosplay passion again. Noragami cosplay costumes as well as Cosplay wigs must be popular.