July 6 Premiere Of Kiniro Mosaic

After it was confirmed that the anime adaptation of yonkoma Kiniro Mosaic, author Yui Hara, it was revealed that it was going to be premiering in July, but had not yet given details on adaptation so we were waiting for news.

Now on the official website of the anime adaptation Kiniro Mosaic was confirmed that this was going to release from July 6, ie we’re just over a month to start enjoying the history of Yui Hara.

In the manga we are told the story of a 15 year old boy named Shinobu Oomiya returning from Britain to Japan by surprising his homeland once he returns, receives a letter from Alice, daughter of the family with whom he was staying in its passage by Britain, warning that the way Japanese land, and is the crossing of cultures in which this interesting comedy based.

This yonkoma published in Manga Time Max began to be sold in 2010, and the second volume collection went on sale last April, and is having an interesting enough to start an anime adaptation success, and the truth is that it seems a promising story, do not you think?