Naruto Tsunade cosplay

The most beautiful woman of the world, Tsunade is described by the method. She has 20-year-old appearance even though she is 50-year-old. She is really beautiful, the kind of pretty makes girls of the world admired i think, At least, I think i am addicated by her appearance, even though I am a girl. I thik nobady of the world can compared with Tsunade, I am still shocked by the following cosplay.

Naruto Tsunde cosplay

Naruto Tsunde cosplay

Naruto Jiraiya and Tsunde cosplay

The cosplay costumes is supported by eshopcos.  Naruto Tsunade Cosplay Costume includes Kimono jackets, kimono vest, rubber 7 pants, belts, the qualify of the costume will show Tsunade appearance in Naruto perfectly, and Naruto Jiraiya Cosplay Costume includes Kimono outer coat, kimono, ninja T-shirts, rubber pants, belts, cuff,gauntlets, calf sleeve.

What’s your idea about the cosplay?