Atelier Meruru Plus Analysis

On September 4, 2013 came Atelier Meruru Plus, the portable version of Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland, the latest installment of the trilogy that consists of Arland Atelier franchise and landing on the European market in the labor Tecmo Koei Europe exclusively for the PlayStation Store for PS Vita. A hybrid of JRPG visual novel and not well known in these parts, but because of his great character design and his great alchemy system, make it a very entertaining game and worth trying.

The story of Princess Merurulince Arls Rede, alias Meruru
In terms of number of titles released in the Japanese market, the Atelier franchise is undoubtedly one of the most prolific from the JRPG with a touch of visual novel, but is also one of the least known in the West. In our area they have not left many of his deliveries, but certainly the Arland trilogy and focused on alchemy system has made our land a breath of fresh air. Air That Rocks the owners of a PlayStation 3 for some time and, in recent months, also PS Vita. This game is set a few years after the events of Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland / Atelier Totori Plus, the second installment of the trilogy, and he took control of Meruru, the princess of the Kingdom of Arls, a place whose population has been decreasing over the years and currently has only relevance. Being half the population of the king ‘s servants and half cattle, Meruru no nothing called that being a princess, and is dedicated to learn alchemy from the hand of his master, Totori. However, this fact does not like his father, the king, who is obsessed with getting a treaty to belong to the Republic of Arland although you will not see very willing to stick a stick to water. At the end you reach a Solomonic decision, Meruru will learn its benefits if you use alchemy to expand the territories and population Arls over the next three years, and so everyone is happy. It is a great story to say, but it serves as a link between the vast amount of characters that are coming to Arls, and serves as an excuse to focus on what ‘s most important game alchemy. So do not look epic and full of plot twists, this story is one of friendship and self improvement replete monosidad all over and beautiful illustrations by Japanese illustrator Mel Kishida.

Fullmoe Alchemist
Meruru is not the panacea of the protagonists, but his vitality and positivity serve as catalyst with the other characters, who have more to contribute, especially those already appeared in previous installments of the trilogy, many of them being playable characters in this version PS Vita. As you progress in the game, both in completing missions as synthesized products, they will be activating several scenes produced with the game engine you can observe situations as absurd between characters ( like a certain president who like to masked crusader ) and some more transcendental, which are advancing the plot. But the real game is sauce alchemy and development. You can spend hours synthesizing new products and creating weapons, since the system is the most polished of the three games. To do this, need to leave the village and visit several places, gathering ingredients and battling monsters until your bag not for more. The materials you find at first sight may not always be the best, so naughty and you will try to get the rarest that give your staff that extra power of mass destruction that the blacksmith can not give you, to carry you the boss shift. The turn-based combat system is fairly simple, something that will delight fans of the genre classic. Each character can attack or defend in his turn, but also the escorts may help with combos Meruru whose animations are quite spectacular. Additionally, alchemists may use objects that have synthesized something important as the game and situations that will require higher quality when handled with alchemy.

PS3 to PS Vita, and shot because I have
The port is very well run with a (rare, of course) graphical section cel -shading that looks great on the OLED screen of the PS Vita, though it has some “buts ” as erratic frame rate per second or the limited use of the properties of the notebook on the menu and inventory access. Of course, features the original Japanese dub, which gives it a plus (pun intended ), because English leaves much to be desired. Otherwise it is a remarkable game, with lots to do and a good assortment of extras for the portable version. It may take over 90 hours to get the true ending, and it is very easy to get lost doing side quests to increase your popularity or get dibs to invest. And if you get bored, you can always dedicate yourself to change clothes (or undressing ) to the women who populate the game, with a touch of cute Japanese girls and as we can see lately in both manga and anime. However, the differences with the desktop version is not a great attraction for those who have already played on PlayStation 3.

If you like the Atelier franchise and have played the other games in the Arland trilogy, do not hesitate a second to make this Atelier Meruru Plus. Also If you get caught in a sudden, Atelier Totori first recommend Plus, but that does not mean that to be a game that only independent history depends on past titles about characters and winks. One notable title, which despite having a simple story, he makes plenty of characters with charming and very addictive alchemy system that will make you spend hours and hours for PS Vita, it’s a bit of quality games orphan.