Naruto Neji Hyuga cosplay + costume

Neji was a member of one of the clan’s Branch Houses; no matter how skilled he may become, he would always be in service to the Hyūga’s Main House, a fact that convinced him fate is predetermined. After experiencing Naruto Uzumaki’s refusal to be limited by such an ideology, Neji realised his fate is what he chooses it to be and, as a member of Team Guy, sought the strength necessary to make the future he wants for his family and friends. Neji Hyuga cosplay is as following:

Naruto Neji Hyuga cosplay

Neji Hyuga cosplay

Neji Hyuga and Tenten

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Naruto Neji Hyuga cosplay costume


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Naruto Shippuden Naruto Uzumaki cosplay + costume

Here is Naruto Uzumaki cosplay in Naruto Shippuden, Check it now:

Naruto Shippuden Naruto Uzumaki cosplay

Naruto Uzumaki cosplay

Naruto Uzumaki cosplay in Naruto Shippuden

Naruto cosplay

Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto Uzumaki shadow cosplay

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Naruto Uzumaki Naruto Cosplay Costume
Naruto Uzumaki Naruto Cosplay Costume


Naruto Uzumaki Naruto Cosplay Cloak

Naruto Uzumaki Naruto Cosplay Cloak


Naruto Gaara cosplay and costume

Gaara was once a kind child, who despite their fear of him, tried desperately to be friendly towards others. His uncle’s actions twisted his personality. Misled into believing nobody cared for him, Gaara used his sand to create the kanji on his forehead for “love”, as a symbol of his resolution to be a “demon loving only itself”, and to live up to the name his mother gave him. Check the following Gaara cosplay:

Gaara cosplay

Naruto Gaara cosplay

Naruto Gaara


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Naruto Gaara cosplay costume

Noragami Episode 6: A creepy person

And now the sixth chapter of Noragami, which since then has become one of my favorite television series of the first quarter of the year and is getting more interesting every day, with quite a few differences between the manga and anime, one of is especially the scenes and explains otherwise Bishamonten hatred towards Yato.

Yukine continue the arc is titled “A Chilling person.” The changes are enough, in the manga chapter where Yukine was sleeping with Hiyori and Bishamonten appears, is still not the subject of theft happens when Yato says in the manga Hiroyi gods can do whatever they want, even block the Treasure life and live a holy people.

Noragami Episode 5

Yukine leaves home Hiyori because she can not accept the fact of what happened to the little girl left to be possessed by evil. Yato blame for forcing the girl to cut. At the mall skateboarding steals, Hiyori goes in their quest to keep thinking Kofuku words. Yato is Yukine first asks if the scooter has been stolen, Hiyori is forced to say that she bought.

noragami episodio 6 una persona terrorifica mentiras

Bishamonten Goddess ( also call him by the name Veena by Vaisravana ) the iniquity, Yato seeking revenge for what he did in the past, Yato Hiyori asks him not to move and ignore him, because otherwise appears so she will notice that you can see.

noragami episodio 6 una persona bishamonten

Yato tries to escape, discovers Yukine Bishamonten is adorned with sacred treasures from his clothes, lion and weapons. She is a goddess of war at the highest level, who will not hesitate to kill Yukine by being next to Yato.

noragami episodio 6 una bishamonten

The reason is that he killed his Sacred Treasure, which Yukine unknown, gives a shot in the face due to distraction and Yukine state.

noragami episodio 6

Hiyori asks for help to Kofuku and Daikoku, because Yato had told him that in case of extreme necessity come to his call. Because its essence can ols she guides them to fight where both gods.

noragami episodio 6 ayuda

Yato Yukine asks why that would destroy life Bishamonten Sacred Treasure, he replies that he did want, Yukine think Yato discard it because he already has the Wanderer. Yato suffers more from bad thoughts Yukine.

noragami episodio 6 enojo

Bishamonten Yato appears to end this dispute that will destroy the life of the trees only to capture him, she says it is justified because it must end the evil, then Yato will question the very fact of his revenge, using the pretext of punishing the to commit acts equally execrable, that makes it infuriating.

noragami episodio 6 enojo 2

Kofuku arrives with others to separate, the result is that it opens a vent by the evil spirits out, bringing misfortune and bad luck. Kuraha, lion bites Bishamonten Yato neck. The wandering appears and uses a strange power prevented from moving, allowing it hurts Yato ( The Wanderer Yato is hidden and does not see ).

noragami episodio 6 kuraha

Kazuma prevents his wife continue pretending to be contaminated, Yato tells Hiyori that he should not bring Kofuku therefore did not refer to that specific time, and not expected to appear also tells him to go to Bishamonten not recognize.

noragami episodio 6 kuzama

Bishamonten tells him to forgive life for that time, but did not make himself more impure, realizing the neck wound of God. Kazuma and out of sight of his teacher, says goodbye with a flourish.

noragami episodio 6 impuro

Yato sick and wounded still persists, the Wanderer appears to tell her that she can use him anytime, hinting that it is time to replace Yukine.

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I like the character Bishamonten partly because it is far more complex than the same Hiyori to carry out part of the role on his shoulders, lacks the dramatic weight Bishamonten Yato and share.

What I think is that Kazuma, the sacred Treasury Veena, is indebted to Yato because the Sacred Treasure Veena who lost, was evil in some way and Yato loaded guilt. For me it is determined that the event Yato change its character.

The ratio of the Wanderer and Yato is strange, I think it’s his sister, but is the problem that Yato was not a person but a god who came by the will of the people, the opposite of the Wanderer, a human spirit from the start. So both brothers may be in a different what we believe so.

Yato in the manga blurts Yukine the Wanderer that is the sacred treasure he found and named itself, insinuating that it was either before the Wanderer, this had other masters, this was removed from the anime, but may appear in the next episode. There is a picture of the manga where we see two people dressed in Kimono, a boy and a girl running holding hands that Yato brings to his memory, both are of similar heights, which made me believe that Yato and Wanderer were dating, although this does not seem likely.

Changes in this episode are obvious, the most important are ; Yukine makes you Kuraha wound itself as a sword, defending Yato, argues that this is done automatically, second ; the Wanderer helping Yato never participates in the manga, but here the ratio of the two is very close ( in episode 1, he is considering calling him, but says he is busy), something to note is that while she speaks as a Yato girl and others, saying their enchantment of puppet master, he does so as an adult.

The story in the manga did think Bishamonten Yato and were romantically linked, but in the anime we want to avoid making this interpretation Veena has a clearly higher than in age Yato, I like the clarification, but no Hiyori and Yato make any sense, because the two never see anything beyond platonic one way.

People get strong when they have someone to protect

Haku was a young man with an androgynous appearance and was even viewed as being beautiful by Naruto, who exclaimed that he was “cuter than Sakura”, even after he informed him that he was male. He had long black hair, pale skin and large, dark-brown eyes, a slender frame, and was also quite short for his age.
Haku wore light-brown platoon sandals with straps in the same colour as his kimono and nail polish on his fingernails and toenails in matching blue green colour. When wearing this outfit, Haku’s long hair was gathered in a white bun holder, while two locks of his hair fell loose framing his face, bound with metal hair cuffs at the ends. Haku also wore a black forehead protector with the Kirigakure’s symbol upon it. When in battle or moving covertly, he wore a hunter-nin mask on top of his forehead protector, which was white with thin, curved eye-holes and a red wavy design in place of the mouth, as well as the Kirigakure symbol etched in the top. Check the following Haku cosplay:

Naruto Haku cosplay Naruto Haku cosplay Naruto Haku cosplay Naruto Haku cosplay Naruto Haku cosplay

People get strong when they have someone to protect, the feeling of needed is the meaning of exsit.
Haku was born in a snowing weather, and he left the world with snow too. It exactly like his character, he is innocent as snow.

The coser is from eshopcos, Naruto Haku Cosplay Costume is also supported by eshopcos, costume details as follows:

Naruto Haku cosplay