Touken Ranbu Kogitsunemaru Cosplay+Costume

“Although I might be big, my name is Kogitsunemaru. No, I’m not joking. I’m certainly not a fake, either. I’m small! Even though I’m big!” Kogitsunemaru is one of the most beautiful character coming from touken ranbu, the following is Kogitsunemaru cosplay:

Touken Ranbu Kogitsunemaru cosplay

Kogitsunemaru cosplay

Kogitsunemaru cosplay Touken ranbu

Touken Ranbu Kogitsunemaru costume is supported by  tailor made service is available:

Touken Ranbu Kogitsunemaru coslay costume

Touken Ranbu Kogitsunemaru Cosplay Wig is also available:

Touken Ranbu Kogitsunemaru cosplay wig

More cosplay costumes can ba tailor made at


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