Details of The Hobbit Thranduil cosplay costume

After Watching the Hobbit, many people expressed that they want the same cosplay costume Thranduil wearing. But the fact is, not all guys could control the costume;
Ann Maskrey, the costume designer of Hobbit, said:
We were blessed with the casting of Lee Pace from a costume point of view, regardless of his obvious acting skills and charming personality. Lee is a tall and elegant man with great coat hanger shoulders or necks overworked and thick from working out, but not lee. he has a long neck which I choose to exposer and accentuate with a high open collar. His square shoulders hold the shape of all his coats and from there down they either softly hang or are fitted to his torso with many narrow piped panes.


Bob Buck, another costume designer of Hobbit, he said: Thranduil needed a costume for his visit to Erebor and Philippa Boyens left us with the words starlight and moonlight to consider. To me that sugguested a pewter silver shimmer or perhaps some slightly grey-mauve tones, but overall, a coolness, which is Thranduil through and through. I wanted a achieve an iridescent quality in the garment and to continue those long, lean lines of his hair down his costume so that hair and clothing almost became one-icy, simple and iconic.

The Hobbit Thranduil cosplay cosplay costume coming from eshopcos show similarity with the one in Screen at a largest degree. It keeps shining feature, what’s more, it makes use of fabric with high hang down feeling. Elegant feeling is almost spill out:

The Hobbit Thranduil cosplay costume

The Hobbit Thranduil cosplay costume Front

The Hobbit Thranduil cosplay costume


The Hobbit Thranduil cosplay costume


What is important, the costume is tailor made one, It will fit you very well.

More cosplay costumes for Hobbit will be showed in eshopcos.


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