Noragami Episode 5: Limit

We got to episode 5 which perhaps reflects one of the roughest times of the manga progresses and as the question of the sins of Yukine, who for some reason are brushed, unlike the manga where almost immediately acts up.

For me it is one of my two favorite anime series of 2014 ( the second is NOT Kill the Kill), although it is still early to make that claim.


Yato teaches Yukine to cap a kind of barrier between him and ghosts, which is one of the unique abilities of a Sacred Treasure, something that even a god can do, Yukine seems to be a very special person, but this reminds his strange encounter with herrante.

noragami episode 5 bordeline frontera

Hiyori in a jealous rage, after the herrante Yato defined as a ” friend with benefits”, decides to take him Yukine ignoring the fact that Yato is a god and sees it as a bad influence Yukine, this will says the guy has bad thoughts and it will not bring anything good.

noragami episode 5 bordeline yukine

At the end of the day, Hiyori gets his way but is visited by Yato who also steal a lot of food, warns that Yukine is endangered in a place, as in the cold temple where he sleeps, is protected from spiritual forces that lurk, revealing that Yukine afraid of the dark.

noragami episode 5 bordeline yato

Hiyori sleep, receiving a visit from Yukine, who has been with the lights out, Hiyori decide to sleep with her, Yukine tries to touch her ​​breasts, but is stopped by Yato stabbing feeling in his back.

noragami episode 5 bordeline hiyori yukine

Yukine is jealous of the relationship with herrante Yato, leaving only Yato. We see the goddess Bishamonten attacking spirits.

noragami episode 5 bordeline Bishamon

The next day, Hiyori prevents Yukine a skateboard without pay takes, saying that is not unlike hurtarla and it disappears, Yato also feels the same and assists you in your search. He does not feel well because is steady Yukine do bad things and hit directly, the sacred treasures were these people and are tempted to sin.

noragami episode 5 robo

Warns Hiyori eventually Yukine will have to punish them for their sins, whereas God was not limited by their actions. Hiyori recalls the goddess Kofuku, that in his past life Yato removed and people once did with Sacred Treasure said.

noragami episode 5 castigo divino

Yukine at night is a small spirit while running back to the house Hiyori, who recently died in a car accident. Hiyori looks she told her mother to come at 6 pm.

noragami episode 5 crueldad

In their cruelty and lack of tact by the suffering of others Yukine tells the girl that no one will come. The girl is possessed by the ghosts, Hiyori ecncuentra them Yukine makes a limit and avoid passing the spectra, but it is too late, she is possessed.

noragami episode 5 conversion fantasma

Yato will have to destroy the spirit, to be possessed because it is like living in a constant hell. The only way to free your soul is destroying him.

noragami episode 5 culpa

Wrapped in guilt, Yukine short the spirit of the girl, it hits directly Yato can not hold the sword, we see again Bishamonten, who takes a bath, someone tells you that Yayo was seen fighting spirit and a new sword.

noragami episode 5 culpa


A good episode, but not too much space to explain specifically show Yukine steal, the guy will be punished for his actions by selfishness leads him down a dangerous path to Yato and himself.

He hoped that more time be devoted to Bishamonten, which is one of the main characters in the second story arc, fortunately in the next episode appears in all its splendor.

One thing that might be curious, is the reason for the mask Nora until episode 4 had not realized that the guy was Yato Kimono, Yato is it responsible for the death of Nora?

Noragami Nora cosplay costume

Noragami Yato cosplay costume

Noragmi Yukine cosplay costume


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