Noragami Episode 4: Where lies the happiness

In this episode Nora comes into play, one of the most important characters in the manga, but there is a confusion in the use of the name Nora, it should be simply called The Wanderer. If you have read the manga and watch the anime, you will discover the great mystery, not yet revealed, the intentions of The Wanderer by pure logic.

Also we meet Kofuko, Yato alleged girlfriend, who lends money, it seems to have come out of one of your future customers.

Noragami Episode 3

Hiyori Yato rushes to not let the Yukine poverty and fulfill its part of the deal, to give back to normal, but this leaves everything to chance what angers them, speaking of Yukine, Yato think you should take them to meet a person being due in part to the manner in which it behaves Yukine.

noragami episodio 4

Kofuku know a god who is supposed to represent good fortune, Yato said to be his girlfriend leaving Hiyori cold, but it’s a playful girl, who has a very protective divine treasure called Daikoku, initially confused with its husband.

noragami episodio 4 novia kokufu 2

Go to his house to talk a little about what Yato and Yukine reviewer of his work, which seems to hate the guy, while Hiyori not reveal whose taste Yato. But despite what seems reckless, Kofuku ne tells them that he is actually a very fearsome god and that his past can be very different from the person they know now.

noragami episodio 4 kokufu

Yato then attends call emergency is carried Yukine and Hiyori, a type attempts suicide after becoming unemployed and bankrupt company, as also madly in love with a girl who embarrasses you see its current state of poverty.

noragami episodio 4 dios del infortunio

It is where we discover that the mysterious girl is none other than Kofuku, who is the goddess of poverty, as a result, that boy is surrounded by misfortune. Yato cut the tie that binds both by Yukine.

noragami episodio 4 dios del infortunio 2

Kofuku had run away from home because of the nagging Daikoku, who does it for the disaster she spreads wherever she goes, but Daikoku is surprised ability Yukine to break the bonds between people, a rare skill between divine treasures.

noragami episodio 4 rompiendo lazos

Hiyori asks Kofuku about those rumors about Yato, because he thinks it’s a joke. She tells him that everything is true and that in the past Yato killed a sacred treasure. Daikoku throws a piece of bread to Kofuku who intentionally fun with that story, but his sacred treasure says that is the past, when Yato born as a dark god, people could easily forget him unlike traditional gods that they pray and values ​​.

noragami episodio 4 dios de la guerra

Yato, to avoid being forgotten, any wish granted terrible as this was, was a yield that even killing people. Yato appears behind Hiyori, saying that if anything happened to him, those two would be the people to whom they should turn. Hiyori can not stop thinking about how nice it smells Yato.

noragami episodio 4 soporte

A girl in traditional clothes appears before Yukine, saying he has pretty eyes, Yato called Wanderer ( Nora ), she does not like that name and asks Yato the call with the name you gave, that is waiting the day that happens, disappearing.

noragami episodio 4 nora

It’s another great episode that adapts wonderfully to the characters of manga, Kofuku is as described in the manga, not yet arrived at the point where Yukine starts stealing and do dangerous things for Yato, which was therefore necessary Yato part of the problem is that Yukine knows that is not completely good and has a lot of darkness in his heart, what makes Kofuku and Daikoku are very important in the future of both.

I quite like the story, but I think if both are, the anime and manga, you can discover the intentions of Nora.

On the other hand most romantic elements Hiyori and Yato, where she smells the scent of sweat from his beloved as a beautiful fragrance… typical.

Prediction – Spoilers
Nora is someone who is very attached to Yato and evil as God nature may Yato has left him because of that she refused to leave their name, becoming a wandering, or rather, it was a wanderer from the beginning, offering their services to Yato.

When you kill the sacred treasure of God Bishamon, that makes Yato changed their character, as happens Bishamon who appear in the next episode, crying for vengeance, as this is a god dedicated to punish evil.

Yukine also have an important role in all this, since it seems to be the main antagonist of Yato, Kugaha, seek to Yukine for its ability to break bonds between people, gods and sacred treasures.

So the reason that Nora comes together another sacred treasure, is to make their gods return to their primary form.

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