Noragami Episode 3: Invitation to Disaster review

I would start by pointing out that the reason Noragami look like a copy of the Bleach series , which is not true or anything like the same series has already been sued for plagiarism, especially in countries like Japan, where the fight regarding Copyright that somewhat exaggerated .

So first I will say that Bleach is not anywhere near the original series in terms of the concepts of the spirits or Shinigami, the idea of ​​a spirit that transform into weapons and items to serve God comes from the Japanese Buddhist religion , specifically Buddha and the ratio of Sun Wukong , who was among the powers become either a pipe or an elaborate sword. In Noragami this idea does not change much and the gods use their assistants in the same manner as in the Buddhist tradition more rigid .
About this episode things are moving very fast and we have to Nora at the end of the episode.

Noragami Episode 2

Yato and speaks to Hiyori with Yukine will eat hat with money from the naive girl , knowing a little change about the spiritual world and its inhabitants that go unnoticed.

noragami bidden calamite 1

Yukine is a guy with very worldly interests and sacred treasure Yato commits a sin to look at Hiyori , this tells you that the sacred treasure and his teacher are connected and when it commits a sin becomes much pain that surprised Hiyori .

noragami bidden calamite episodio 3

Hiyori that leaves your body sticks to Yato without your permission , who is summoned by Sugawara no Michizabe , Kami of wisdom, Yukine and Hiyori worship him , this tells Yukine should not bow down to him because it is a disgrace to pay worship any god in the presence of God that is to your business .

noragami bidden calamite episodio 3 sugawara no michizabe

Due to the time of examinations, can not attend Michizabe removing ghosts that haunt their territories , asking to be responsible Yato , where we see the great rivalry of both.

noragami episodio 3

Tomone , former Yato sacred treasure , now Michizabe pipe , assuming the name of Mayu . Their relationship is very strong , she dislikes Yato by smell of sweat, but becomes pipe smoking Michizabe who think they are both ex – partner.

noragami episodio 3 tomone pipa

Michizabe as , shows Hoyori , which is concerned with the subject of ghosts , you do not like partly her presence in his kingdom. Mayu leads them to where the train , where students commit suicide . Yato not seem interested in saving , because those people are already possessed by spirits and if they do, can not become sacred treasures , but ghosts.

noragami episodio 3 tren

Hiyori gets mad and will fight on their own spirits , but those attracted to it , they know it’s half a spirit and pull the rails.

noragami episodio 3 hiyori

Yato saves and goes against these spirits , cutting them in two with Yukine , Mayu thanks him and leaves. Hiyori reflects the contempt Yato suicide is that the sacred treasures want to live and get upset by people who waste their lives in vain.

noragami episodio 3 corte

Hiyori now understands the feelings of Yato , begins to mourn are worth . Yukine have sinful thoughts and Yato has a pain for them.

noragami episodio 3 hiyori

In the background we see a small looking Yato while Yukine Yayo and sleep in a temple of Michizabe .

noragami episodio 3 nora

Excellent episode I must say , I did not expect a return to the mediocrity of the second episode and the new has not disappointed , again today we see an excellent command of narrative and guionística compressing a very long manga, but some parts are smoothed relative to the sleeve.

One of the things I believe are wrong is when Yukine sees Hiyori , that should not be a sin and manga moments are more specific , such as when Yukine steals or tries to touch the breasts of Hiyori , when Yato reveals him the difference between a god and a treasure , which leads to some of the mystery behind Yato and the reason for that is a wandering god , when he himself has defined as the god of war , which could be the cause of his situation.

Noragami cosplay costumes as well as more cosplay costumes come from


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