Noragami Episode 2: As snow review and critique of the animated series

We got to the second episode of Noragami , I should say two thirds were a disappointment significantly dropping the quality of the animation is only shown in the final five or seven minutes of the episode , do not know why why it is a horrible feeling for the viewer that looks like a fool … Oh , look at bobo , stung , but hey, the final minutes are recomposed .

This episode is a bit slow and almost nothing happens, but in the end appears Yukine , one of the protagonists of the drama and main engines of the first arc of the story.
As of now , many reviews are short summaries on the part of the plot .

Noragami Episode 1

Hiyori learns to deal with his new form of spirit medium , which is as optimistic , sleeps in class and see the ghosts that haunt the people concerned , the end of the day she enjoys what is offered by both worlds.

noragami epsodio 2 Hiyori

Call Yato to address the issue of his contract , who really has no idea how to help her , while trying to do more publicity she wonders if Yato is a true god , she makes him see that it is God who saw a suspect as too poor fellow .

noragami epsodio 2 Yato

Yato warns that state care, because the ghosts hovering and could easily be owned by them and that his soul was lost forever. She then asks the cure , but this makes excuses.

noragami epsodio 2 yukine

Anyway , he said that without his sacred treasure or divine weapon , you can not do much, engaging in small things like fixing bathrooms. So Hiyori begins to find a divine weapon on their own, what you find is a giant spirit that wants to end both.

noragami epsodio 2 yukine regalia

Yoko prevents accidental Hiyori is bitten , being infected by a plague or pollution in one arm , it slowly expands its body.

noragami epsodio 2 yukine plaga

Luckily Yoko see the pure spirit of a boy who gives the name of Yuki , making a contract that makes him a sword , defeating the spirit.

noragami epsodio 2 yukine espada

Yoko falls to the ground , crying over the memories of the spirit that takes in hand . Hiyori not understand why we do it, with water removes the corruption of spirit.

noragami epsodio 2  llorar

The weapon is retransformed into a person named Yukine who refuses to receive the new owner sweatshirt which leaves Petrified Yoko.

noragami epsodio 2  yukine

Not the best episode, the start is fair to poor , parts of the manga were changed , especially the scene when Hiyori runs and passes , the rest of the episode compresses a longer period of time, but without substance , however at the end the quality of the animation and drawing rises.

The history of Yukine is pretty important, so I will not say much about it, but it’s part of the genius of the first arc , while Nora is part of the second arc in the manga just ended bow Yukine , so you may Nora not see until near the end.

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