Noragami Episode 1- A house cat, a god and a tail wandering

The street Noragami or god (ノラガミ) is an animated series about gods and spirits, based on the manga by Adachi Toka and directed by Kotaro Tamura, in his first job as such, but has had experience as a director and screenwriter unique series episodes as Zero no Tsukaima, is one of those works of manga they should have a full series of 25 chapters and not as horrendous series Coppelion that adapting scene by scene, not explain anything.

Noragami in an episode leaves you with goose bumps, not only by history, humor and good story development, but by the fact that characters of this kind to kindly draw the viewer as they do.
This anime is about supernatural issues and a minor god named Yato, struggling to climb the ladder of the gods, but it’s so minor deity, who works for a five yen looking for a day buy his own temple.
This series will review the manga because it is based is pretty good, I wanted to avoid reading, worse after Coppelion crappy, better to be safe this time.

We find the high school student Iki Hiyori, who in what appears to be a runover, saves the life of a young man who at the time looking for a small cat, but the boy more than concerned about that, he points to where the bus is looking at his own body aided by her classmates.

noragami episode 1 accident

Hiyori leaves his body and sees herself on the floor, the mysterious guy is amazed with the ability she has to face him.

noragami episode 1 yato

It is taken to a hospital that belongs to your family, not understanding what happened to the guy who saved, though his friends tell him there was nobody and she jumped in front of the bus.

noragami episode 1 Hiyori

At night in his hospital bed the same guy appears, looking at the reaction believed to be in perfect condition, thinking he ‘s a pervert tries to call the police, tries to convince him that he really is a god named Yoko which has ever heard.

noragami episode 1 hospital

That system seems to hurt feelings, he says that although a poor and wandering god, it saves to have their own temple and a broad base of supporters.

noragami episode 1 Hiyori

Yoko says you can not be free at night without a sacred treasure, as he defines a sacred weapon of the gods to fight spirits, says goodbye to her and jumps out the window.

noragami episode 1 cat

Days pass and everything seems like a dream, except for the fact that Iki knows it is not and starts looking cat she remembers looking Yoko.

noragami episode 1yato and hiyori

Meanwhile Yoko looking cat very close by, which makes, but realizes that little is followed by a spirit that seeks to devour, pursued by this, he finds an even bigger spirit shaped toad, Hiyori will again with his kick save learned from his favorite TV character.

noragami episode 1 leave body

Hiyori does not realize, but has a tail, his physical body lying in a sleeping state, she faints to return to his body.

noragami episode 1 Yukine

Uesama, the little cat is returned to its owner in the manga we see the contract with a 5 yen coin to find it does.

noragami episode 1 popularidad

When Yoko tells Hoyori his condition is similar to that of a ghost, in which his soul leave his body repeatedly and involuntarily, she gets scared and asks for your help, but this god asks five major yen as offering, so by this payment, Yato promises to help you eliminate your condition means spirit.

noragami episode yato

One of the important things in this animation is the way a good director and screenwriter intelligently compresses four manga volumes, each chapter with average 50-60 pages. The characters are great and the relationships of these well built.

The only downside of all this is the question of romance, is the point that seems unnecessary because it forces the main character to be tied to an established relationship that never go out of platonic, while the secondary characters seem more interesting in that regard, especially its relationship with the wandering Nora ( Nora itself means wanderer ), to say that God wandering ( Nora + gami ) same manga’s title reflects the condition of God Yato.

There are noticeable changes, including the fact the mention of Nora in the first episode, Yato who says he is in the hands of another owner, as if considering invoke. Yato and Nora share a dark past, but do not get ahead…

Humor is another remarkable aspect, partly because it is more discreet and held without overlapping the plot as the manga becomes darker and darker, especially when Hiyori discovers Yato is a god who is reputed to have destroyed a Treasure sacred, by which one of the goddesses chases him mercilessly and suffering because his new sword is the soul of a liar and sinner.

What is the only negative… already seen similar things many times, let’s not forget that series as Sankarea may after a fantastic first episode, everything is mediocrity in the next to come. Ever since, Noragami will bring cosplay passion again. Noragami cosplay costumes as well as Cosplay wigs must be popular.


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