InuYasha cosplay revert the dreamboat of Anime

Do you regard InuYasha as dreamboat?

Inuyasha has long silver hair, golden eyes, and claws on his fingers. His dog ears feel like “five uncooked Chinese dumpling shells atop one another.” His nose, despite appearing normal, is always damp unless he gets a cold, in which case it dries out.
Inuyasha’s signature red garment is the Robe of the Fire-Rat, which is made of Fire-rat fur. It is a tough armor and has regenerative properties. The following InuYasha cosplay comes from Eshopcos.

InuYasha cosplayInuYasha cosplay

InuYasha cosplay

InuYasha cosplay

The InuYasha Red Kimono Cosplay Costume is offered by Eshopcos. The Cosplay costume includes Kimono coat, kimono underwear, rubber pants. The appearance of the costume as following:

InuYasha Red Kimono Cosplay Costume

What’s your idea about the cosplay as well as cosplay costume?


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