The assassination of physical format digital format by the Coward


Times have changed. We are at the gates of the arrival of the new generation of consoles,PC We are a gaming platform more powerful than ever,technology surrounds us, and gone are the days when we had to go to our trusted store for a coveted I should point cartridge in our archaic systems. Many things have happened along the way, and with it, many things have changed. We have lived many innovations in one way or another have revolutionized the world of video games, as the first games to CD or the introduction of touch screens,but one,one which still seems no end jell with fans : digital content.

Connection speeds,the introduction of own storage system is fit to play,interconnectivity,social relations… are things that have ended up resulting in the mass introduction of digital distribution. A quick, easy and cheaper than traditional physical distribution shape, but of course, your “buts”. Nothing is perfect,of course, and I think it’s great that there are those who still prefer the physical format to digital for the sake of collecting, but it’s funny how many look like oppose him tooth and nail.

Yes, yes. That digital is not perfect and I know it has its drawbacks, but is it really that bad? Not at all. The first thing I would like to make everyone who reads this is to look around a bit. Are you reading this on a physical magazine or on a website ? Many years ago I had to find a lot of life to get one of the few magazines about manga / anime existed, why you had to pay up. And he did very willingly ! And believe me when I say that I still like. But why I despise the digital format.

Times have changed and the ” digital ” it runs through. Not write beautiful letters to hand our friends and family keep for life, we write mails. No longer mailed subscriptions to clubs and associations, we signed up on a website. No longer will our friends’ house to knock on your door to see if they want to go for a walk,just notify them by WhatsApp or any social network. We no longer go to the library to search for that particular volume of a huge encyclopedia to make our class work, look in Wikipedia and in Google. We do not carry paper maps on the street, just look at the GPS of your mobile or Google Maps. Digital technology is everywhere. We depend heavily on content that is not tangible infrastructure that can fail and disappear at any time. Or worse,you have access to,costs money. We paid for everything to be connected at any time. Anywhere. We like. And we are here because we seem comfortable and is what we have always wanted.

Okay, so what does all that have to do with video games ? Very simple : it’s not all bad. Today the network, digital, allowing us to access demos that formerly did not exist ( and shortly thereafter remained limited ),allows developers to add patches to games to improve or fix errors,allows to reach many content otherwise would not have existed. Digital media has become an ecosystem that has allowed many fans to jump into musical creators and offer high caliber,top-level games,which have needed a physical distribution would have remained mere illusions.

“That patch is a scam! We must take the complete sets as before and well made and will not need them ! ”

Uhm,could give the reason, but I prefer not recall the number of versions that Diablo II or Starcraft had many years ago. As an example.

“But that PC ! On consoles that did not happen before. ”

That’s because most are young. Do you know how much fun you were the bugs marred an afternoon game or a saved game ? Many would have given anything to be able to finish them.

“And the issue of DLCs ? Digital is a cancer to get us much money as possible. ”

The DLCs are controversial and well deserve a separate text,but I’ve always been of the opinion that they are optional. I do not need 20 different costumes for my characters. Neither I need those extra two fighters. Not even that alternative history that have gotten that,while interesting,does not affect the development of what I have played. I do not need any of that. I may like,I can try,and I can shit in developers for making me fall into the trap of paying again for something that could well have given me free, but that’s it.

” Is that before all these DLCs were unlockable things within games. So it is a scam. ”

Yes and no. It is true that seems to have lost a bit of tradition,”Move the game to get this or that “,but most of these DLCs would not exist absent the format. If they could not sell them apart,most DLCs would be created or because they are only ancillary things that are not needed in the main work in the game as such. But they keep making them,and that’s because they sell because people want them, because people calls. Because we can not help that when we want to enjoy a game more and more, and if it asks us to leave checkout another small amount,we do. ” Sarna does not sting like “,as they say. And do not I will not deny : I bought DLCs game that I liked a lot.

” But you’re paying for something that does not exist, something you can not touch. I want my games in physical format. I want a disc, box and instruction manual. ”

Faced with such phrases I can not help but remember how it was formerly play on PC. You bought your game, come on your CDs,it installed and forgot about him for life. And even with the CDs, I can remontarme further back, to when buying ribbons for my Amstrad. Instalabas the game, knocked the physical environment and you played no more. Sometimes we were asked to leave the CD in order to recognize that we had,and thought : ” Joer,what boring. Let’s see if I find a No -CD “.

It is understandable that people who watch games on your shelf ordenaditos make him happy. To me what makes me. I like to see them lined up there taking up space,but then I feel most comfortable having them in digital by not having to keep changing the game by removing one of its box and putting the former in his. But let’s face it : We also prefer a lengthy numeric code as password to save you game? Or do you prefer a save game ” digital ” can be corrupted or lost ? Like the physical format does not have to mean being an enemy of the digital format. Both can coexist without problems,and more with the choice on offer today.

How many titles there that are exclusively digital ? Many. We many. Buy physical as you can if that’s what you prefer,but do not close the door to the rest of the range of possibilities available to you. The ‘re missing is you.

” Yes,yes, but still no answer. Paying for something that is not physical ? That’s a scam. ”

Certainly,I have not. But is it really a scam ? Produce a game costs money, because after that there is a group of people who have dedicated much of their lives for it. And bring a game to the West cost money,and the translations are not free trade agreements. No you are ” paying for nothing “,you are paying for a service provided by to access a product that cost money and cause you may enjoy a fee. No scams involved, only a false sense of ” I have nothing in reality.”

“It’s you I’m sorry,but I hate digital. To pay for something, I ‘d rather download it for free. ”

The game you download is digital, simply have not paid for it. Looks like your problem is not digital. You pay for what you want. You do not give value to the work done for that game can be at your fingertips. And if available,is because there are people willing to pay for it and make up for his development. Or perhaps most important of all developing a game is printing a disc and put it in a plastic box ? Of course not.

” I do not care. They deserve it. Also take out physical format for digital do not want. ”

This is not always possible. Think for a moment about what it means to produce enough copies to supply only to my country. The money needed to create the copies, the distribution network,the number of copies to be done just so the game can be affordable for most… and all this betting on the game will sell well. Not everyone can afford it. I’m sure everyone would like to launch their games in as many formats as possible,but sometimes you have to decide what is the most logical and viable option. Digital distribution is often the only alternative to non-distribution.

” No you’re gonna change your mind. Never I ‘ll opt for the digital format. ”

Are you sure? Possibly you see anime downloaded from the Internet instead of buying it on DVD / BD. Possibly you hear music in mp3 or other audio format instead of carrying a Discman and CDs recorded by the street. Surely you have a nice wallpaper on your phone or computer because you like the illustration, but do not buy the book that contains it. Possibly you have listed all the phones in your family on your phone and not on a small paper calendar you always carry hand.

The passage of video games to digital has brought many benefits, but also many questions and controversies,but in any case it is undeniable that slowly is spreading more and more,and we do not realize. I do not think people buy Android or iOS games in physical format,right? Does anyone prefer a PC game on a DVD instead of Steam?

There are still many things to polish and to answer questions such as what will happen in the future when we can not access our digital content. Although today I have no trouble finding the net in sets of 20 or more years ago. There was also concern when the jump gave the CD and people thought it would not hold as much as the classic cartridges.

To move forward we must innovate,and there are risks with any progress and new challenges to overcome. Today oppose the advance in digital in video games is nothing but a drastic form of isolation, to root out the possibility of a higher offer,more options, more accessibility. The key is not to oppose it, to support the initiatives that we like in the field. An example? Differences between Steam and Origin. Steam has always been a favorite of digital platform PC players,and Origin has seen much worse. Origin time had no choice but to be tailored to what the players want. You also have the removal of restrictive policies on Microsoft Xbox One to criticism of the players. Because that is the driving force behind all this: the players. We. You and me. The industry does not force players to go in any direction,the players are forcing the industry to move to one side or the other, but sometimes we do not agree with the majority.

Because the greatest enemy of the physical format today does not come from outside, from digital, comes from within : from their own users.


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